How would your life change if you could get rid of unnecessary pain or tension?  Find strength and ease in your day-to-day living?  Be comfortable in your own skin?  Be more engaged with life?  Movement therapy can give you the tools you need to feel WHOLE again.

sarah-30Why movement therapy? 

We all want to move with ease in our everyday lives.  And there are many modes of body work that can help you do just that.  Movement therapy does this, but it also goes beyond the functional aspects of movement.

How?  The way you move is inextricably linked to how you feel inside.  The way you move and the amount you move is a living expression of how you feel about yourself, the world, and your place in it.  You may realize this intuitively, since you yourself can tell a lot about how a person feels inside by what they do with their bodies.  Think about it:  how does your spouse’s body show you he has had a hard day, or when he is excited to tell you something.  You can see it before words are even spoken.

What you may not realize is that this interplay between how you feel inside and what your body is doing on the outside is actually constant.  By reconnecting with your body through movement, you will be able to use this fact to help you make the lasting changes that you are looking for.  You’ll begin moving more efficiently, easing pain and feeling more energized.  But the changes will go deeper than that.  You’ll become comfortable in your own skin and love your body as a valuable part of yourself.  And the best part of all these changes, is that you will feel like yourself again:  whole and happy.

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colorSarah Godfrey, RSMT, CLMA is the founder of Move into Being, a somatic movement therapist, movement analyst, yoga teacher, wife, mother, and avid learner.

Sarah has taught about movement and the human body in classes for professional dance companies, and at yoga studios, residential treatment facilities, counseling centers, church groups, and in private settings throughout Utah Valley.  She draws from her knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, human movement development, Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, yoga, Alexander technique, dance, basic biomechanics,  various modes of education, and personal life experience to teach others in engaging and meaningful ways.

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